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Photo sample Metrology & Inspection For Sale

Model: AIT-XUV
Year: 2002

Complete Refurbished system with used & new components ( warranty)   Complete Refurbished system with used & new components ( warranty)

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KLA AIT-XUV Ultraviolet (UV) Illumination Laser-Scanning for Patterned Wafers. Description: Higher throughput and sensitivity to meet 65-nm production requirements Offers a wide range of spot sizes for optimum speed and sensitivity-1.8 um spot delivers optimal sensitivity and enables detection of defects <50 nm in all channels; 8 um spot enables maximum throughput of >35 wph on 300-mm wafers New advanced detection algorithm performs more localized separation between signal and noise for increased capture of existing defects and enhanced detection of new defect types Two-dimensional spatial filter increases collection area and enables improved detection of particles and lower-noise defects New auto-positioning system (APS) provides improved focus and die-to-die registration for enhanced defect detection New autofocus unit (in the microscope) features a movable lens that enables error-signal nulling and full-range use for each of five objectives without compromising performance Production-proven iADC (inline automatic defect classification) capability allows for faster time to results through meaningful binning and effective excursion control Based on field-proven Adaptive Mode technology for full-die sensitivity without necessitating extra inspection scans

Shipping from United States (Available: now + 12 weeks lead time ARO). Seller warranty is 30 Days.

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