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Brochure Metrology & Inspection Coming

Model: 1700 CD
Year: 2004

Installed, Complete System, Operational with demo (no warranty)   Installed, Complete System, Operational with demo (no warranty)

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Note: This item was SOLD' The N&K 1700 Series Manual-Load Metrology Systems: JnCo Broadband spectrometry for film thickness and trench profile measurements on semiconductor wafers. Spotsize: 50um The n&k 1712 system is designed for handling 200mm and 300mm wafers. The n&k 1700 system is designed for handling 100mm, 150mm and 200mm wafers. These systems simultaneously determine thickness, n and k in the spectral range of 190-1000nm, trench profile and provide non-destructive, real time, high throughput measurements directly on the device. These systems encompass advanced pattern recognition software, patented microspot measurement technology and a unique all-reflective optical based system. The CD series include a polarizer and special trench analysis software.

Shipping from United States (Available: now + 1 week lead time ARO). Seller warranty is Operational.

  • Note: This item was SOLD
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