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Ulvac front view Sputtering & Evaporation (PVD) Coming

Model: Entron W200T
Year: 2006

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Ulvac ENTRON W200T PVD is a single wafer sputtering system for 200mm currently and capable to 300mm wafers. mainframe type is NCH-6000. Can work with the Mini-FAB concept line to large-scale production. The current configuration has the following Chambers: 2 ea - Anneal 1 ea - Cobalt 1 ea - Normal Titanium 1 ea - Ring Titanium (target is ring shaped) 1 ea CDT (reactive preclean) The tool was installed and qualified but never in production. I believe the targets we have are the original targets that were used to qualify the tool. It is also designed to easily cope with expansion and upgrading of the system. 1-2 Features This system consists of the following four units so that appropriate equipment configuration can be selected according to process needs. A: Standard Unit (SU) : Basic part of this system B: Configurable Unit: Always selected in configuring a system (process) C: Option Unit (OU-A) : Expansion function, components, etc. supported by standard design like measuring instrument. D: Option Unit (OU-B) : Expansion function, components, etc. designed or added according to individual requirements. (1) System configuration 1 Single wafer sputtering system equipped with a buffer station as standard Compatible with open carrier, SMIF, and FOUP and accepts up maximum four (4) cassette stations. 2 Space-saving platform (for both 200/300mm wafers)

Shipping from United States (Available: now + 2 weeks lead time ARO). Seller warranty is Operational.

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