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Therma-Wave Metrology & Inspection Coming

Model: OP-5240
Year: 2000

In Storage in good condition (no warranty)   In Storage in good condition (no warranty)

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Note: This item was SOLD! Therma-wave Opti-probe OP-5240 film thickness measurement system for 200mm wafers. This advanced system integrates two additional measurement technologies into the Opti-Probe system. As a result, the Opti-Probe 5240 has up to five independent but fully integrated measurement technologies. The two additional technologies integrated into the OP-5240 are spectroscopic ellipsometry and absolute laser ellipsometry, each of which will expand the Opti-Probe's measurement capabilities and improve measurement integrity. Integrates BPR, BPE and DUV Reflectance with Spectroscopic Ellipsometry and Absolute Laser Ellipsometry.

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