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Ion Implantation Coming

Model: G-1520 Kestral/Genus
Year: 2001

In Storage in good condition (no warranty)   In Storage in good condition (no warranty)

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NOTE: THIS WAS SOLD' Varian G-1520 Me-V Ion Implanter for 200mm wafers Cryo Pumps CTI On-board (2ea) Source Mechanical Pump Mfg. Edwards Source Mechanical Pump Type Dry iQDP Source Turbo Varian Leybold/Hereaus Bemline Mechanical Pump Mfg. Edwards l Pump Type None Beamline Turbo Leybold/Hereaus End Station Mech. Pump Mfg Edwards End Station Mech. Pump type Dry iQDP End Station Turbo None Leybold/Hereaus Platen Disk (9 wafer batch) Roplat-- N/A Clamp Mechanical Source Bernas Vaporizer Single (Never used) Scanner --N/A Setup Faraday Cooled Gas Box HP/EHP --OK HP/EHP Gas Box Style 4 Bottle Computer Sun S

Shipping from United States (Available: now + 2 weeks lead time ARO). Seller warranty is As is.

  • SOLD:
  • High energy Implanter.
  • Disk (9 wafer batch) Mechanical- Bernas- Single (Never used) Cooled.
  • *4 Bottle cabinet *Sun Server *Unix
  • *GEM Communications *Service Monitor
  • *Filter magnet turbo *UPS *SDS modules
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